Self hosted Bot to easy vote in cosmos ecosystem

There is no need to vote via CLI or web UI, just setup a bot with your validator or wherever you want to get notifications with vote options, and vote directly in telegram!

Supports LavaSdk out of the box.

You can find the source code and instructions for setup on GitHub

Very exciting contribution, @ruslan !

Supports LavaSdk out of the box.

I love the integration - and I’m curious if it can be set to also use Badges in the environmental variable setup for Lava.

This could be accomplished by adding two environmental variables

  1. LAVA_BADGE_ID - whereby a user inputs their badge projectID
  2. LAVA_BADGE_SERVER - whereby a user inputs their badge server address, or it is auto-populated by Lava’s default badge server.

Obviously, the application would have to check if LAVA_PRIV_KEY or LAVA_BADGE_ID were set and decide which one to use. Alternatively, you could have them set it in the config.toml (probably a better approach if you go this route!)