RSCH-0001: Conventions 🧪

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:writing_hand:t6:Naming Conventions

:white_check_mark: Tags - Each research paper is identified by a tag starting with RSCH and followed by four digits (i.e. RSCH-3313, RSCH-2920, RSCH-1001). This can be substituted for the name/title of the piece in other reference literature, including docs.

:white_check_mark: Title - The titles of research papers are descriptive only of their primary topic(s) and do not include opinions/interpretations/actions. Titles are maximally descriptive while remaining highly concise. That is, Blockchain Double-Spend Solutions not Investigating a Blockchain Double-Spend Problem and its Potential Solutions.

:white_check_mark: Semantic Prefixes - The first two numbers of a given tag unite papers thematically.

:1234: Numerical Prefix :microscope: Research Area :information_source: Explanation
00 Meta / Research-related This area of research is about the research itself. Any rules/proposals in the way research is conducted/presented should begin with this numerical prefix.
10 Quality of Service Anything pertaining to Lava QoS implementations or improvements